A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Sometimes, when we're really tired of our oridinary lives, we want to start over. One way to achieve that is a leaving everything behind in order to create new, happier path in our lives. Our story is about a man who felt that his life was boring and useless, and was trying to find a way to change that. Fortunately, he discovered certain space program that could fulfill his desire to find inner peace in exciting and somehow religious style. ‘How’ you may ask? Well, it’s because Monks Can Into Space!


Gabriel Mermer - Lead & SFX

Karol Borecki - Programming

Maksymilian "skill" Tym - Programming & Getting the people for this jam

Kuba "Puszke" Łącki - Programming & Graphics

Jan "Lewicz" Kadlewicz - Graphics

Zuzanna "Baki" Centka - Graphics & Emotional Support <3

Paulina "Rikarin" Pniak - Graphics

Kacper Tereba - SFX

Weronika Szwędrowska - Music Composer

Install instructions

If you can't unpack the game with 7zip, use winrar.


Monks Can Into Space 23 MB
Monks Can Into Space 28 MB