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The game development is cancelled. Other projects incoming soon <3

DODGE is an "arcade" game about a character that avoids moving obstacles. The obstacles (will) speed up over time with your score growing. It's an endless, fun and addicting game. It's currently in it's alpha stage but it will quit it (probably).

It will be realeased on android phones and optionally as it is right now (on windows).

Please, comment if you would change anything or found any bugs and tell me, if you would play the game on mobile (after the full realease and minor bug fixes and changes) tell me that you would. Thanks for your support :)


Install instructions


- If you don't know - you need to launch the .exe file

- If the game doesn't work, tell me becouse I don't know why and I need that information

- Report me any bugs you find

- Keep in mind, it's an early alpha game, that's actually not a game, rather an idea for one

- If it asks you for any permission, just give it to it. I'm a teen that likes to programme, not a russian hacker :P

- If the game asks for a data folder, extract a data folder from the Data folder xD


v.1.0 ALPHA 64 bit Setup 11 MB
v.1.0 ALPHA 32 bit Setup 10 MB
v.1.0 ALPHA 64 bit Portable 16 MB
v.1.0 ALPHA 32 bit Portable 14 MB
v.0.4 ALPHA 32 bit Portable 15 MB

Development log

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